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Cancelled: John Wiese at Sugar City 1/30/19

photo from Wiese's Bandcamp page

         Braving the Polar Vortex, Los Angeles-based experimental noise artist John Wiese will be making his way to Buffalo's west side Wednesday evening, for what is sure to be a captivating live performance.
        A true veteran artist in the world of sound-art, Wiese has been a part of the noise scene for the last twenty-five years. He has the striking ability to create narrative stories told only through sound effects, and is an expert in the creation of profound experiences using original sound-elements and abstract forms of communication that exist outside the realm of music. His latest LP, "Escaped Language" (available on bandcamp), is a balanced creation of a gentle yet abrasive soundscape.
        Wiese will be performing at Sugar City (1239 Niagara St, Buffalo) along with some of our favorite local artists, God of Gaps (harsh noise/ power electronics), Icky Reels (experimental electronic) and Justin Von Strasburg (unamplified snare drum noise). The event is from 7-10 pm and will have a $10 cover.
        According to Sugar City as of today, January 30, this event will still happen despite inclement weather. For those willing to brave the weather with John, Sugar City says the space will be "nice and toasty."

UPDATE: This show has been cancelled.

More detail can be found on the event's Facebook page.

written by Trevor D'Amico


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